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Classic Who related research: an invitation - Time Traveling Historian
No, not Barbara... the other one.
Classic Who related research: an invitation
(Crossposted like whoa)

Oh hello. So what have YOU done for the cause of fandom research today?

Fellow Whofen, specificially but not only of the Classic Fen variety, are hereby cordially invited to poke about lifeonravolox: the research blog for my M.A thesis, on the subject of fans who have discovered the classic series following the 2005 revival. I've just gone and put up an introducory post, along with a brief survey, right here, and need some assistance getting this thing going. Any such assistance will be very welcome, and you might even find it an interesting piece of research.

Please take a moment for a look; and if you do find that you're interested and would like to participate and contribute, please link this post in your LJ so that the snowball method for informant collection can work. It's thirty seconds for you and a crucial step towards an academic life for me, and you're all such wonderful people...

Thanks in advance!

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