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Time Traveling Historian

No, not Barbara... the other one.

Evelyn Fans
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A community for faans of the best Doctor Who Companion the TV series never had
Welcome to evelyn_fans! This is a community dedicated to Dr. Evelyn Smythe, the best Doctor Who companion TV never had.

Evelyn Smythe is a original companion created for the Doctor Who audio dramas produced by Big Finish. She travels alongside the Sixth Doctor (Colin Baker) after the events of TV's "Trial of a Time Lord", between the departure of Peri and the arrival of Mel.

Evelyn is one of the most unlikely of Who companions: a 55-year-old history professor who's maturity and sureness makes her a surprisingly perfect foil to the loud, flamboyant Sixth Doctor.

Any and all things Evelyn are welcome here! Audio/novel/short story story discussions, as well as fanfic, icons, etc.

The moderators are morgeil, bibliophile1887 and miss_s_b. Feel free to send any questions their way. :)

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